That Spur The Fastest Sweet LamborghiniLamborghini began to show his spurs before going to a main exhibition, 2012, in the first two-day test session they always wanted to be the fastest.
 That Spur The Fastest Sweet LamborghiniThe first day of testing done on Friday Lamborghini product beat Ferrari to be the fastest, on the second day yesterday Lamborghini appear more powerful to lead a satisfactory record time since the morning session begins until noon
 That Spur The Fastest Sweet LamborghiniIn the second day, yesterday posted the fastest time of one minute twenty-three point three hundred and fifteen seconds. Lamborghini superior zero point two hundred and four adrift of the Ferrari car is more than half a second.
 That Spur The Fastest Sweet LamborghiniSpeeds in off yesterday with a perfect setting shows a mighty signs, severity Lamborghini, and it also became one of the key success Lamborghini in the automotive world the fastest.
 That Spur The Fastest Sweet LamborghiniBased on the well-known auto sports media, there are several factors that determine that Lamborghini could be the fastest cars including careful planning of the drafter to make a Lamborghini car design.


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