Bugati Veyron

Not just any discourse in two years spurred the company's performance race cars in order to enhance the quality of his best achievements, they fix in various fields and aspects of the superiority.

It has been shown from outside the framework of design features to revamping the interior of the car, all that has been fixed by a technologically advanced facility.

However, efforts to improve the quality of the best is not enough with the promise that is given lip service to the public, but the need for calculation, especially in the automobile engine, rider comfort and amenities offered, as is done in this Veyron Bugati company, in addition to providing facilities technologically sophisticated. Veron had passed the road test and proved the most the fastest.

Nor is it just sheer nonsense or gibberish Veyron proves the power of the engine that powered the ten thousand horsepower even more, the rate exceeds the speed of fighter aircraft Veron.

Design view mirror equipped with a automatic surveillance camera, allowing users to see Veron visibility from behind that did not require the user to turn his head backwards, just look at the small screen beside the wheel. and reinforced with an antique lamp and a sharp turn on at night when


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