Mazda Automotive TomTomWolfgang Reelitz is Vice President of Sales Automotive TomTom. Prior to joining the TomTom in 2006, Reelitz working in a role in Pirelli, Dunlop and BorgWarner spanning engineering, program management, marketing and sales. Since joining the TomTom in January 2006, His role is currently focused on the OEM and Tier One supplier based in Germany and Italy.
mazda car accessoriesMazda with a semi-integrated PND (Personal Navigation Devices Portable or) who already have high market visibility-based technology applied to the automotive environment. The challenge is quite interesting. First, the time, as the development cycle are fundamentally different. When the brochures are printed with the first car accessories prices, the PND is usually already obsolete because the life cycle is only between six and twelve months, while the OEM's life cycle is much longer. Both sides have to adapt to an entirely new framework in order to create a real situation. due to strong end user focus in line with vehicle manufacturers and TomTom. Second, OEMs actually determine in every technical detail from the beginning, the solution on the market that is much easier to integrate and has been widely accepted. to overcome some obstacles, and creating a logical step to become more efficient in driving. We create our own products and solutions to maintain the platform in line with the players in the automotive and car manufacturers of consumer life cycle.

Mazda PND


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