Hybrids Cars ConceptA car concept is considered a hybrid car if it is powered by at least two different energy sources including a non-polluting. These non-polluting sources are: battery type rechargeable energy storage system “or RESS, hydrogen, compressed air, wind, human interaction, liquefied natural gas or solar energy. Currently, the most popular alternative energy sources are: hydrogen, electric batteries and solar energy.

Hybrids Cars ConceptThe difference between a hybrid and an electric car is that the hybrid is equipped with two engines: one electric and one with fuel. These engines can work simultaneously on the go. Unlike a hybrid, electric vehicle is equipped with one engine that runs on batteries which can be charged with electricity. Hybrid cars reduces CO2 emission and electric cars does not emit pollutants.
Hybrids Cars ConceptHybrid car began to proliferate. There are more and more models and colors, more sizes and options. The question for which I try to give an answer is “How can we recognize a hybrid car?”. Below we have tried to offer some relevant answers:

1. after the reduced noise made by the car when it passes near you on the street

2. you may recognize a hybrid car by a special simbol placed behind the car

3. you don’t feel smell and do not see noxious

4. has a relatively new design as technology used is a new

5. you see it less often than the rest of the cars at filling stations
Hybrids Cars ConceptIf there are other indicators, do not hesitate to bring completions.
The answer is relatively simple.
Hybrid cars are usually equipped with two engines: one normal running on fuel and one that uses battery power. The latter is usually used when the car runs at a speed between 1-80 km / h and when this speed is exceeded the transition is made automatically on engine that uses fuel. Thise driving conditions are quite justified considering that the areas with the highest degree of pollution are the cities and city travel speed is approximately between 1-80 km / h.
Hybrids Cars ConceptBatteries for Hybrid uses two sources of charge. The first source is the normal outlet and the second source is the energy of moving parts on the car (a principle similar to the dynamo).
Being a new technology, you can be sure it will enjoy steady improvement from car manufacturers.


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