Mazda RX 7 storing homemade power 456 dk. Excess up to 180 horsepower from the standard. Meanwhile, the challenger only 320 dk. The surge was created after the kitchen runway 13B-REW Rotary standard (2 x 650 = 1300 cc) packed with homemade HKS performance parts.
mazda RX 7Distinctive turbo sound
Part of the engine is modified in between frontmount intercooler, applied from HKS. In addition to also increase the power generated from home snails (turbo) powered twin sequential turbochargers, the efficiency is also obtained. Then, to prevent the flue gas exhaust from the turbo when the accelerator is lifted, added a blow off valve (BOV).

In addition to preventing it before, the bypass valve installation system that no other aftermarket turbo to maintain durability. Fun, air pressure which spewed out the typical wheezing sound BOV turbo.

Many other components are replaced with HKS engine, such as the Super Mega Flow air intake and exhaust systems mufflers Hi Power. Then, the Super Mega Flow air intake which have the air filter surface size 30 percent larger than standard outfitted with a color filter elements that have limited sunset orange 2 layer wet system.

Meanwhile, HKS Hi Power is designed to offer a turbo engine spec SUS304 stainless pipes that have design 75 mm diameter pipes and mufflers 120 mm diameter hole. Its function is to optimize the smoothness of the sewer in order to boost medium-pressure response is better.

Not satisfied with the addition of component performance, Maria put A'PEXi Power FC computer that had a typical stand-alone system. The surplus could boost the engine power is already crammed with HKS products reached 456 dk.

Brembo competition
with that much power, what coupe sedan that could stop? Maria was well aware that the standard brakes definitely not qualified. Hence, the front was replaced with Brembo Competition kalipernya larger, and, for the deceleration, the better. The rear brakes are disc brake only be modified with cross-drilled system.

To reduce shock and minimize body roll, the suspension system is replaced with an HKS Hiper Max monotube design. Claimed the creator (HKS) is much better than the conventional tube twin systems. Its construction consists of a single cylinder which is divided into space for the oil and gas that does not converge. Thus, the design of the piston to be greater.

With the change in the two sectors, the maneuvering around the corner so be sure after all four wheels used alloy wheels 19 x (8.5 + 9.5) 3-inch piece of patterned stelip lips. The selected SSR wheels Professor MSI model that concept racing oldschool style.


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