Honda Jazz Favourites Particular ModelThe world of the supermini has become a very saturated and confusing marketplace. It seems that for every potential buyer there are at least five or six manufacturers vying for their hard-earned money. The best-sellers are obviously the perennial favourites such as the Fiesta and the Corsa, but there is a particular model which is creeping up behind them in terms of statistics and sales revenue. This dark horse I speak of is the Honda Jazz and driving it recently has been quite a revelation.
Honda Jazz Favourites Particular ModelThe new Honda Jazz is a fresh fusion of all that we have come to expect from Honda. From innovative engineering, to outstanding design, the second generation Jazz is bound to delight with its individual style and rather pleasing nose.
Honda Jazz Favourites Particular ModelIt's taken a while, but Honda have finally shaken off their image as the preserve of the cautious old duffer (and let's face it, what's wrong with choosing a car that's renowned for reliability and safety?). Now there are a variety of sprightly models tootling about the highways and byways, leaving mouths agape in their wake thanks to rather gorgeous styling and completely revamped bodywork that stands up to the competition.
Honda Jazz Favourites Particular ModelHonda have developed a reputation on these British shores for being absolutely top notch in the reliability department, but lacking something in the appearance and performance area. The Honda Jazz is making serious steps in overturning this reputation. I would go as far as to say that this little hatchback is rivaling the new Ford Fiesta in the looks department and when given the rigorous urban driving test the Jazz came out smelling of roses.
Honda Jazz Favourites Particular Model
The 2010 Honda Jazz is a small family car with overall length of about 3,900mm but a smaller wheelbase to provide spacious backseat legroom. There has been a minor enhancement in its width for the year 2010, which in turn offers larger elbow room too. Two adult passengers or three children can be seated easily in the back seat. Lower front level, larger mirrors mounted on the doors and sleeker down A-pillars provide improved visibility for the car.


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